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The aims of the Society:

  1. to propagate scientific achievements in the field of oncology and to make further progress in the field,

  2. to keep improving the level of health education among the population of the Republic of Poland in the field of oncology,

  3. to cooperate with the institutions of the Health Service, other institutions and social organisations on the organisation of the fight against cancer,

  4. to encourage members of the Society to increase scientific work in the field of oncology,

  5. to participate in the training of professional staff in the field of oncology.


The Society realises its aims by:

  1. organising conventions, symposia, conferences and scientific meetings within the framework of the binding regulations,

  2. organising scientific sections,

  3. conducting educational and popularising activities in the field of oncology,

  4. initiating and supporting activities aimed at solving important issues in the field of oncology (e.g. through the organisation of competitions and the awarding of prizes),

  5. editing the periodical “Nowotwory”,

  6. cooperating in the field of oncology with the appropriate foreign and international associations,

  7. undertaking all other work and activities aiming to improve knowledge in Poland in the field of oncology and cooperating in this respect with the authorities, societies and scientific, social and professional organisations.

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